A place to grow

About me:

As an growing Individual with many talents on non professional levels, i decided to create this Content-Blog as a learning experience.

I’ve studied economics, project management and sociology in Munich, worked for two media companies and a radio broadcaster. During my time at the university I’ve made additional income working in a restaurant, which led me to many different yet interesting personalities and viewpoints about our everyday lifes.

When scrolling through my articles or viewing my pictures you’ll notice that everything is still at an amateur stage, however that’s especially why i would love ur feedback and criticism!

May it be spelling mistakes, u have a different opinion or you share my viewpoint – please let me know, lets work and grow together whenever possible.
I dont want this page to be a one way broadcaster, i want you to change my opinion, write about it, adjust my viewpoints and learn from my visitors.


Special credits go to the creators of this wonderful theme on which I am working on since I’ve started with WordPress.

Tayler Moore with his amazing tutorials, be sure to check out his channel if you are thinking about designing a website yourself.

Also i would like to thank the owners fo the logomakr for giving amateurs the chance to create their own brandings.

Of course my close friends who are always supporting me, regardless how pointless my actions sometimes look for others.

All those interesting people I’ve meet in my work, on the streets, while partying, which gave and are still giving me inspiration and new ideas to write about.