First steps on a journey to become a Photographer

First steps on a journey to become a Photographer

Captured from the amazing Sophia Langner.

Living the Photographers unfinished dream

Finally, I can say I’m back, the Photographer with a lot of bad English skills but the best intentions. This time I want to talk about some personal stuff, because, dear reader: You probably don’t know me but yet stranded on this blog, so I want you to know a little about myself. While this Blog has been sleeping, my life in Munich kept on turning and turned my head around a few times.

Aside from my discovery of Synthwave and Lofihiphop music, the biggest insight would have been during my work for a local newspaper. During that time I’ve visited local politic events and spend over hours in front of the computer screen and always on the phone trying to get the best possible lead.

I had the opportunity to get some insight on the basis of our democracy. It is slow, loves discussions and is very personal.

It felt a little like being an underdog, working for a small newspaper but getting the big stories before larger newspapers got them. Of courses, we had to do everything ourselves. Which included working as a photographer, secretary and a lot of over-hours.

That job didn’t had the prestige, the flair or social standing of other journalistic media but I kinda liked the responsibility and challenge that came with it. And of course doing everything myself, getting the full Munich Journalism Package: From writing, taking pictures, researching and heading out in the field.

But it wouldn’t work out in the end.

Doesnt matter how good the team is, if the structures are bad

This won’t be my vendetta against my former chief editors, if anything I want to underline how thankful I’m for being able to work in such a supportive, engaged and friendly team. And while I don’t regret the decision to quit, I do regret not being able to work with those colleges anymore.

Getting thrown into cold water would be an understatement about my work there and without the help of my colleges, that little trip into journalism would have never been for this long.

What lit the fuse was  the frozen structures and management. It would have been a really stupid decision to get into a form of journalism, that’s purely focusing on print and local reporting. Unless you’re living behind the moon and haven’t gasped it yet:  People read their news online. That was the heavy dispute that I couldn’t solve with my chief editors and made me quit the job.

I’m not sure if that’s solely something that’s typical for Munich Print-Journalism. But to be honest, Munich had never been the most progressive City in Germany.

Still, I’m thankful every harsh lesson but without a good perspective in the near future… not worth it. But I got to learn a lot and I got more and more invested into becoming a Photographer.

Operation self-imployment as a Photographer

Bye bye office. Our love was short-lived, intense, exciting, exhausting, funny and definitely an experience.

New project: Three sources of income. First there is the gastronomy, which brought me through my bachelor, next there is photography and finally going back into journalism but this time on my terms. Now being on the path I decided for myself I might would tell my past self “yeah, keep on dreaming boy” and I would reply “sure, I will”.

The idea was easy to form but when it comes to the actual realization… creating a website, following a lot of facebook-pages, buying equipment, searching online for tutorials on lighting, software and theory, doing market research and don’t get me started on taxes and contracts. All I’m saying is, that there is a LOT to consider and deeph to starting your own business.

As it stands right now, my situation is the following:

– no stable income
– no reputation and
– no constant flow of contracts
and you know what, it feels great! At least sometimes, but that’s more than enough, no ones ever said becoming a photographer is easy business.

Of course everything can be a bit overwhelming but meeting people on this path, working with them and exchange ideas, being challenged every week to struggle over “how the fuck can I get this done” feels like I’m pretty damn alive right now and in complete control over my life, as a jobless Photographer.

And that’s something I want to share with you, my experience in this new segment of my life. The challenges that it presents, the adventures and the lessons I gather. For one thing I learned over the years, it’s that the journey is the most rewarding part when you aim for the top.

Thank you for reading, have an amazing day and thank you for your interest in my journey